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FAQ: Can you guarantee success?

No - and neither can anyone else!

First of all, it depends what you mean by success. If for instance someone has a severely deformed back it would be completely unrealistic to expect hat the technique will miraculously straighten it out. If on the other hand, chorinic pain is reduced and mibilty improved, that would probably count as success! So part of the discussion in the first lesson needs to be about what it is that the pupil hopes to achieve and how realistically we can both commit to that.

Another point worth making is that the Alexander Technique is not a feel-good therapy! It is an educational process which Alexander himself pointed out could be extremely uncomfortable. Becoming aware of damaging habits is likely to be uncomfortable and disturbing at first in many cases - that's part of the deal!

The guarantee that I do give is that if, after your first appointment you have not learned or experienced anything of value to you; if having worked with me for that session you think it is all a waste of time, then I will not charge you for the session - I have no wish to take money from anyone who does not feel they are getting value.

Beyond that it is really impossible to say: some cases which 'should' be easy can prove very stubborn while apparently impossible situations can show improvement in seconds. Although there are common symptoms, every situation, the reason for the problems, is different, and every reaction to a line of work is different.

I am constantly prepared to be surprised, and rarely disappointed!