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FAQ: How do you organise your Lessons?

I'm fairly flexible but there's a pattern

I work in different formats according to individual needs: owing to the structure of the work and the physical demands on both parties the length of an Alexander lesson is more or less set at about 40 minutes.

Mr Alexander's preferred way of working was to teach someone three times a week for about 10 weeks - he considered that in that time rhe technique could be learned to he point where continuing self-improvement would be possible. This scheme has the great advantage of frequent re-inforcement of the new thoughts and patterns, so that one can possble learn more effectivel like this than perhaps from double the number of lessons spread over a longer period

In modern circumstances, many people find that once or perhaps twice a week is a practical compromise and good progress can be made in this way - I do think though that someone learning the technique for the first time really needs to commit to at least once a week to avoid the 'one step forward, two back' syndrome.

For anyone who has the time or need, learning the technique intensively is a possibility: with two lessons daily and time between for study and reflection one can do a tremendous amount in a short time.

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There is also the possibility of learning in a group. This is slightly controversial among teachers of he technique but there is no reason why it should not work successfully. I have given many successful group classes and courses, using an adaptation of the method of he training schools ie working on one student with commentary while the others watch and inhibit their urges to join in. Partly it is a matter of personality: some people would always want to work privately and would hate to be in a group: others feel far more comfortable in a group and might find 1:1 work too intense,so there is room for both and I offer both in my practice.

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