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FAQ: Do you work with children?

I prefer to work with families . . .

Because of the nature of the Technique, which uses intensive hands on guidance to develop focused self awareness, in its pure form it is not, in my view, really suitable for work with young children except in special circumstances.

In older children and teenagers, although there may be an obvious potential benfit from improved co-ordination, emotional issues may make hands on work of this kind inappropriate: although there is no intimate contact involved, it really requires an informed adult consent. Because the technique, in its classical form is non-specific, it is likely to seem very abstract to a child: there will be far more benefit in learing the technique in association with a specific activity, say, piano or gymnastics, from a teacher qualified in both aspects, as the value and purpose will be much clearer.

To parents who are concerned for their children I would say: Learn the technique yourself, since children are sponges, who learn by imitation: if the parents have consistent and unself-conscious good use,it will rub off. If the young people want to make their own decision to learn the technique explicitly later on that is another matter.

In the unusual kind of case where I might think it advisable to work directly with a child, it would need to be with the full involvment of the parents, who should also take lessons on their own account.

In respect of any work I may do with young people, it may be worth mentioning that I have worked for many years in public education with young people of all ages and do have a current full enhanced disclosure CRB certificate!

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